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We Used the Bus to Visit Each Other

Written By: author - Sep• 04•14

When my boyfriend moved 200 miles away, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to survive a long distance relationship. We decided to just end things, but we both realized that we missed each other too much. Neither of us has a dependable enough car to travel back and forth, but that did not keep us from visiting one another as often as possible. We looked at all of our options, and it was easy enough to figure out that taking a bus to visit was the best way, especially since we found Greyhound promo codes that made the trip even cheaper for us. (more…)

Considerations When Evaluating Private Equity

Written By: admin - Jul• 26•14

When a process is working, conventional wisdom suggests leaving it alone. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

At our firm, though, we would rather devote extra energy to making a good process great. Instead of resting on our laurels, we have spent the last few years focusing on our private equity research, not because we are dissatisfied, but because we believe even our strengths can become stronger.

As an investor, then, what should you look for when considering a private equity investment? Many of the same things we do when considering it on a client’s behalf.

Private Equity 101: Due Diligence Basics

Private equity is, at its most basic, investments that are not listed on a public exchange. However, I use the term here a bit more specifically. When I talk about private equity, I do not mean lending money to an entrepreneurial friend or providing other forms of venture capital. The investments I discuss are used to conduct leveraged buyouts, where large amounts of debt are issued to finance takeovers of companies. Importantly, I am discussing private equity funds, not direct investments in privately held companies.

Before researching any private equity investment, it is crucial to understand the general risks involved with this

For Individual Investors These May Be, The Best of Times

Written By: admin - Jul• 09•14

For those of us who have dabbled with the thought of investing, there is good news! Now may be the best time in financial history to begin investing your hard-earned money in something and seeing a brilliant return. But for those that aren’t convinced and want to invest their money, here are three reasons why you should start taking a second look:

1. Transaction costs are low, and regulation is tight.

After all of the panics of the credit crunch, there has been worries about investing without any sort of protection against companies and businesses that do not stick to ethical trading. But now, there is much more protection for the smaller business and the individual investor. There is now legislation that can protect your money and your interests from those that would want to take it from you illegally, as well as regulators that can keep an eye on your investments. You will also find that transaction costs are very low at the moment. In fact, this lowering in transaction costs has been present since the early 1990s, handing over the savings to investors.

2. There are many choices.

Investing your money used to be a moment when you had to decide between

Common Sense 401K Investing Tips

Written By: admin - Jul• 05•14

Here are some common sense 401k investing tips to help you build your retirement nest egg. Not all 401k plans are created equal, but for most people these plans offer the best and least painful way to accumulate and make money investing for retirement. With these investing tips at your fingertips you can both make money and avoid costly mistakes in 2014, 2015 and well into the future.

One of the often overlooked 401k investing tips: view your 401k money as retirement money only, and set aside a cash reserve in the bank for financial emergencies. Then, if your employer offers a matching contribution take advantage of it. It’s free money and yours to keep IF it stays in the plan long enough to become VESTED according to your plan’s rules. What could be better than to make money investing with free money?

If your plan has a STABLE ACCOUNT that pays interest, take advantage of it. That’s one of the best 401k investing tips I can think of in today’s low-interest rate environment. Not only are these accounts considered “safe”, but they often pay one of the highest interest rates available anywhere.

If a ROTH 401k is available to you give it

How to Avoid the Problems of Investment Property

Written By: admin - Jun• 24•14

Ensuring that an investment property isn’t problematic comes down to due diligence.

The lure to invest in UK real estate grows as the country’s population increase fuels a housing shortage. But property investments are tricky and quiet varied.

The widely reported housing crisis in Britain is unquestionably drawing interest from investors large and small. Large real estate companies are buying up raw land and buildings where growth is likely to occur, even if who is going to buy what and how are yet to be determined.

The demand for housing is at the root of this. Since 2001, the UK population has grown at a brisk 7 percent rate. And yet, due to recessionary and stringent lending practices, home building has fallen woefully behind. Young adults cannot afford the necessary upfront money to make a purchase, forcing them to rent or remain living with their parents. Young families are outgrowing the homes they purchased a decade ago and face similar barriers. Given these factors, many property developers are building to-let instead of for sale; indeed, the about a fifth (19 percent) of the UK housing stock is now in the private rented sector, with the value of that stock rising an extraordinary 250